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Tuesday, December 02, 2008 @ 8:43 AM | 0 comments

sometimes i simply do not understand why people are like that!! when you have free things you really have 2 make use of it!! even to the extend that you didnt even PAY for it when you took it yet you styl expect to take it for free!! SHO DUMB!!

why must it b that we sae we make a police report only den you agree to pay the 19.90!! hey people see properly its norte 199 bucks or 1990 bucks but it 19.90 ya?? c how dumb is that person!! they r realli the worst and the worst living creature i see on EARTH!!

basically i think they come from a weird world and a different world from people!! i seriously HATE THEM!! HATE THEM TO THE CORE!! esp believing in people!! i learn my lesson norte 2 trust people sho sho much also!! esp NICE CUSTOMERS!!

feel digusted by them!! YUCKS!!

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