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Monday, December 29, 2008 @ 1:06 AM | 0 comments

OMG!! again i wasnt blogging for a long time!! irritating and that is coz i do norte haf internet at home but im glad in cuming in on mon!! WOOHOO!! INTERNET IS LOVE!! hahaha!! tell mi!! how mani of us kan live without internet?? i bet mani kant!! hahaha!!

aniwae after work i went wif my mum for a pedi and medi session at aranda country club!! environment there was good, service was good EXCEPT the receptionist whose attitude simply sucks!! ARGH!! but thank god the therapist was good!! =))

i kant wait for the body massage session that mi n mi mum ish going!! i wanna relax my whole self for ONCE!! hahaha!! apparently it was my very first time too!! whee!! kant wait kant wait!! hahaha!!

btw i wanna get the ICE CREAM FONE cos mi sony ericssion fone ish down and its simply fail mi!! OMG!! i nid send my fone for repair alr!! in the mean time im using back my NOKIA 7610!! oh gosh retro!! =))


im missing my all MY BFF!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~