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Wednesday, December 10, 2008 @ 9:05 AM | 0 comments

alright as stated i do need to give picture for entering this SPORT IT competition so i went to browse through my document and i found a picture that left mi with an UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT!! =))

OK!! you guys must be guessing what sports am i doing right?? hehehe!! i shall tell you!! its HIP HOP DANCING!! DANCING IS A SPORT TO KEEP YOU HEALTHY!! =))
aniwae as mention above as a UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT but why?? you guys must be wondering as well yupps?? so i am here to share it with you guys!! hehehe!! =))
this particular day of the competition was really amazing because we managed to came in the 3rd position and it was the FIRST competition we came in the top 3 position!! upon knowing that we WON, we were really really jumping for joy!! the kind of happiness that no one can ever explain!! winning this comp make us all feel that our efforts, energy, time almost every single thing we did for this comp was not wasted!! infact it was PAY OFF!! =))
before the comp start, we actualy wanted to gif up upon seeing all the top crew there competing with us!! we even thought that we wanted to back out coz we felt we were totally not prepared!! so all our mindset was the SURE LOSE mindset but later on, i told everyone dont feel that way. even we didnt win at least we gain an experience and its also a chance for us to learn from the others!! so we finally brought up the courage and went for it!!
the comp started, we performed, we do our best and soon it was finally over!! as we waited for the results we obviously was excited but we try not to think about it!!
Waited... waited... waited...
FINALLY the result was out and as the announce the consolation to the 4th and yet our group name was not mention we started to lose hope den when the person said
"Now for the 3rd place........ we haf DOME URBAN AURA!!"
all of us look at each other in shock and started jumping for JOY!! *WHEE!!* =))
our leader when to collect the prize and we started taking picture!! hehehe!! btw i really felt that this was a unforgettable moment that i haf and it definately did bring the group closer after that!! im glad about that!!! =))
of cos dancing do help to keep us healthy as well and many fitness centre are implementing dancing classes for ladies!! so dancing is indeed a healthy SPORTS!!
btw there will be a ladies sport events so for more information do visit the website URL http://www.womenandsports.sg/
~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~