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Sunday, January 25, 2009 @ 1:12 AM | 0 comments

OMG!! all i kan sae ystd i had a wonderful nyte wif my wonderful sweethearts!! those darlings of mine really make my dae yupps?? hehehe!! =))
aniwae vietnamese food was initally our plan for hang out but our plan gorte shifted upon knowing the restaurant was close!! OH MAN!! wanted darling miri to try it but no chance!! nvm next round yupps??

btw pple the food there is really really nice esp their TOM YAM SEAFOOD NOODLE, MANGO SALAD, FRIED CHICKEN WING.....

oh my goodness!! saeing it makes mi feel the crave for the food suddenly. HMMM..... YUM YUM YUM!! hahaha!!

if u wanna know the place its actually located at paya lebar near this mall call GRANDLINK n the shop its at the end corner where there is a romantic atmosphere!! hehehe!!


though we 3 girls didnt get a chance to go there ystd but we styl had a real delicious and great meal coz we have a GREAT CHIEF among us and that is MIRI YEO!! hehehe!! she cooks great food and i SUPER DUPER LOVES her mum KIMCHI!! mi n jean dear realli love it ya?? =))

i was a freaking big eater cos the food was realli nice!! thanks darling!! after supper i should call it cos its wae pass my dinner tyme yupps?? hehehe!! after supper we had chit chat session and advicing session and last of all our dear jean K.O first!! hahaha!!

guess she was realli tired from a dae of sch!! this poor girl!! hehehe!! =))

it was a great time and njoyable moment wif them toking about every single thing under the roof and i hope for another chance too come!!

can't wait!!!!!!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~