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~*The storybook I would love to be trapped in!!*~ =))

Friday, January 09, 2009 @ 1:08 PM | 0 comments

alright just happen to see nuffnang post up an ads about this fairytales movie and it looks realli interested that i hope i will be able to catch the movie premiere yupps??

as said to take part in the competition, i suppose to blog with the title.....

“The storybook I would love to be trapped in”

will be the story title...


i still remember the time when i was young roughly about 5 to 6 years old, i enter a dress up competition organized by disney stories!! so basically, all the contestant had to dress themselves up in selected costume!! sounds really fun right?? i did njoy myself though!! hehehe!! =))

the most important thingy is that i gorte to dress up in the little mermaid costume and it was one of the sexiest costume among all the character and i had to do the honour of wearing it and model on stage with it at PARKWAY PARADE SHOPPING CENTRE!! thank goodness i was still young!! if it now i will most probably be super embarassed!! hahaha!! =))

btw why i choose to be in the story of THE LITTLE MERMAID is firstly because i feel that the storyline is really nice, like having a sad beginning but managed to end with a lovely touch ending!!

secondly, i also want to be in the story cause i love the sea and if im really able to stay in the sea just like ARIEL the little mermaid character i will be really happy!! it is beacause im a person who naturally loves being near the sea as it helps take all the bad thingy away from mi!! i also love the breeze and the scenaries near the sea!! most importantly, its the lil creatures that stay near the sea area!! hehehe!! =))

this makes my character somehow quite similar to the little mermaid!! that's why if i have a choice i will choose to take the lead character of hers!!

thirdly, i like the costume of the little mermaid character as it is also my FAVOURITE colour GREEN!! hehehe!! besides that she has interesting friends living together with her under the sea!! which makes her life feel with joy instead of loneliness worst of all is when you have those evil character like the evil witch who try to make her mute by asking her to drink some poison!! this way she cannot communicate with the love of her life!! THE CHARMING PRINCE!!

AWWW... SWEETNESS but again SADNESS cos she couldnt be with her norte until the kind and helpful old man which is her dad who help her get rid of the poison which allow her to again communicate with her prince charming!! hehehe!!

lastly, i wan to be in this storybook is because the ending was a real sweet and lovely want that in real life you can never have as nothing is perfect in the real world!! so if i have a choice i will choose to be in THE LITTLE MERMAID story to have the feel of the LOVELY HAPPY ENDING!! hehehe!! =))

the most most touching moments is when she manage to become a human and she even managed to wear a wedding gown during her wedding!! and it looks realli realli beautiful on her!!


if onli i kan realli be as perfect and beautiful like her wearing the wedding gown it will realli be a fairy tale dream come true!! hehehe!! =))

btw i think after blogging about fairy tales story, i have a urge to read up on fairy tales stories again and to even catch the movies!! perhaps you my dearest readers should try to let your imagination run wild in fairy tales and you might just wanna read them again!! hehehe!! =))

btw don't forget to...

cos i believe this is goin to be a very nice and interesting movie!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~