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Friday, February 27, 2009 @ 2:19 AM | 0 comments

I was suppose to work 2dae but once again i miss work due to a bad rashes i had in the earli morning around like 4AM?? i really couldnt sleep and the rashes got WORST!! call lil precious to tell him and he accompanied mi through the fone yupps??


aniwae see a doc got an MC n i managed to sleep cos i didnt sleep the whole morning till 9Am. can you guys imagine how tired i was!! OMG!!

woke up arnd 3pm and decided to mit jeanie dear for dinner and than back to her house swimming pool area to chill while waiting for darling miri to arrive!! can you people believe?? it just swimming pool area with nothing else but benches and table but yet we girls can camwhore like crazy?? wahahaha!!
as long there is a thing call CAMERA every wonders can happen!! wahahaha!! a swimming pool area is now turn into a photoshoot HOT SPOT!! =))

i really had a great dinner and camwhoring session that i forget all my itchyness yupps?? thanks sweety piex!! =))

oh ya one last tingy, miri darling bakes very good PASTRY!!!!!! YUM YUM!!!!!!!! hehehe!!

~*SiMpLiCITy RyLi!!*~