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“My Not So Secret Lives ending”.

Saturday, February 28, 2009 @ 11:47 PM | 0 comments

I shall title this entry.....

“My Not So Secret Lives ending!!"

Sms of the day:

From Trey: I feel happy when you feel happy. I love you. =))

In the view point of JESSE 3 Months Later:

I follow E for another check up recently at the clinic as the doctor told E that the actual result will only able to be seen after 3 Months. After the test has been taken, E and I waited quietly outside the clinic once again in a silent state. I believe she was feeling really nervous and scare about the result. So i gave her a hug to let her know that this BEST FRIEND will always be here for her no matter what the results will be later.


*20 mins pass>>>>>

The doctor ask for E and she went in as i waited outside for her and finally after 5 mins, i saw E coming out from the room with a smile on her face while tears are filled in her eyes. The moment she saw me she ran straight towards me and immediately gave me the WARMEST HUG! This hug told me that everything was over and she really appreciated me for being there for her in times like this.


Like what i said, if the world will ever end one day she will still be the person i will be there for. As for the issue regarding she and C, i think i need to find a way to get them back together since they are the MEANT TO BE couple!!!!! Not just in the eyes of JESSE (which is me) but also in the eyes of people around us. So how can i just let this COUPLE break up over E recent issue?? this situation can't go on, i need to find a way and a solution.


Besides that, i know E is serious about C so about her two timing C, i really do not think that is so. Though i was puzzle at first about this question but now i think i know the answer, because i believe E wouldn't hide anything from me when we can share all our secret with one another right??

I got to tell C and Trey the good news about E hoping that this good news can help resolve E and C problem and hopefully get them back together. One is my friend while the other is my BEST FRIEND i sure want the best for them. Since i am already having the happiness with Trey i will definately want to share this blessing with C and E as well.


*Few Days Later>>>

Talk to C about E and persuaded him to give E a chance and finally with much persuation, he agree to give E another chance and so i am proud to annouce.....


but the happiest person is not them but ME!!!!!! =))

anyway, i do love to share with everyone about the research me and E have found once again.

In the view point of TREY 3 Months Later:

JESSE call me up and told me the good news about E's test result. Though i am not very close with her because she is J best friend but i do feel happy for her too. I do understand how much she has been through all this while having to fight through the test fear and also her broken up relationship with C.

Now knowing that the stormy days for the test were over i think it's times she should get over or do something about her relationship with C. J did told me about what she plan to do to help get C and E back as they are the MEANT TO BE couple!! i didnt gave much of comment but still offered to help talk to C about E and see how much i could help.

Ever since E incident i started talking to C and kind of understand him much better so perhaps with this understanding i can help C and E get back togther in some ways but J still places the main role of cause. I am so in love with J that i want to see her happy and if the problem between E and C can be solves, she will definately be the happiest person on EARTH!!

*Fews Days Later>>>

J told me the good news of E and C getting back together and i was indeed happy to hear that. praise J for her great job and give her a HUG!! And for all i know, J is now the happiest person on EARTH and so am I!!!!!

Trey signing off!! =))

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