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Tuesday, February 17, 2009 @ 1:11 AM | 0 comments

Valentine has past n i haf to sae that the pulau ubin trip was really fun, njoyable BUT tiring!! hahaha!! we all travel round pulau ubin by cycling, hiking and climbing!! OMG!! can you imagine how tired i was!! a great big exercise so girls who are crazy over SLIMMING down pulau ubin is the place!! wahahaha!!

Food there wasnt really good cos it was really salty but what attracted mi most as the environmental friendly museum there!! if you pple happen to visit pulau ubin that is 1 place you must go ya?? =))
aniwae after pulau ubin, all of us went home for a shower before going for dinner though some unhappy thing happen but it was styl an njoyable dae i kan sae yupps??

sunday i fall sick sho i had 2 visit the doctor 2 get an mc after that i got tired of my fringe sho i decided to cut back the BANGS!! sho im back wif my BANGS BANGS BANGS!! hahaha!! after the haircut i was back to lil precious hse to rest cos i was realli sick manx!! GOSH!! =((

today i had a date wif my BFF for KBOX AND SAKAE and she bought mi an adorable belated gift!! sho sweet of her ryte?? thanks DARLING!! after that jeanie dear came along wif us after her exam paper!! that poor girl is really stressing out wif her sch stuffs manx!! but she ish a SMART GIRL!! =))

aniwae i just haf to say that kbox lunch food was really not that good, wasnt really nice and all yupps?? regreted on choosing the lunch buffet!! i should just take the normal lunch!! =((

so as usual we had our girls chat and all!! lyk education, relationship, families blah blah blah!! we chatted till arnd 6 plus when i mit catherine for a movie!! it was a movie premiere that she won from NUFFNANG!! =))

THANKS FOR BRINGING MI CATHERINE!! movie was great,actors and actresses were good!! story line was perfect!! hehehe!! btw i haf to apologise for making this poor girl walk from cinea to cineplex and back to cinea all due to my SILLY MISTAKE!! SORRY SORRY!! she could haf just scold mi but she didnt c how nice was she!! =))
btw i had a great time wif you though its the first time we met yupps?? hope to have another outing with you!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~