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Wednesday, April 01, 2009 @ 1:30 AM | 0 comments

yesh it is APRIL FOOL'S DAY and i just fool my bf ending up causing him too be mad at me?? okie what is the LINK!! im just trying fool him for once on a special day like this but he got MAD at me for doing so!! sound pathetic though!! but anyway who cares!!! hahaha!!

anyway recently i realise that im so into HELLO KITTY that i bought a lunch box, weekly planner and note book all of hello kitty and now im looking for the pen, the bottle and many others too!! DONT ASK ME WHY because i do not know why i will have this craze of all a sudden!! hahaha!! WEIRD!!

i remember something that catherine(maiko) told me about hello kitty.
she said: "do you know why hello kitty has no mouth??"
i was like: "why??"
She said:"it is because how you feel at that moment you look at her, she feels just the same way like you too!!"
basically it's because HELLO KITTY do not have a mouth so she express the same way you are feeling and slowly you will feel that she understand you too!! like imagine you buy a toy that has a smilely face and you happen to be sad that day?? you might want to bash it when you see it smiling at you when your already feeling down right?? hahaha!! that is the point!! =))

im starting to like HELLO KITTY NOW!!! OMG!! its not something childish because i have a best friend who is alr 20++ n she is still a HELLO KITTY FAN. hees!! =))
im buying more hello kitty stuff!! if you people know where is a good place to buy tag me alright?? THANKS!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~