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AUSTRALIA!!!!!! =))

Monday, March 09, 2009 @ 1:58 AM | 0 comments

When i mention Australia to you, what is the very first thing that comes to you mind about it??


I used to remember those times my uncle fly to different parts of Australia for his education and when he returns to Singapore how much he will share with me about his wonderful experiences there.

At that moment, i will start imagining how nice it would be like to travel to all cities in Australia to experience what my uncle experiences. I was also very EXCITED in wanting to see koala bear, seeing how cute they are and even the kangaroos. But all i could see was from the gift that my uncle brought back from Australia.

So from then, i told myself that i will want to travel to Australia when i earn enough cash and the place i want to travel in Australia will be to.....


you guys must be thinking why Sydney and not Melbourne, Perth etc right?? so let me tell you why Sydney.

*Soak up Sydney’s gorgeous harbour, seductive outdoor lifestyle and great natural beauty*

Firstly based on those sentence above, we know that Sydney has the best scenaries with romantic atmosphere. The moment you step out in the city area you will have to feeling of being there with your life partner enjoying every single moments together trust me. That is what my uncle say so too. hehehe!! So i will definately want to make a trip there to experience the romantic and wonderful feeling.

Secondly,i really want to go there to see how the OPERA HOUSE really looks like and i really have to go and see the beautiful buliding. Most importantly i want to experience how is the feeling like to watch the performing arts scene and experiencing the diversity of talent there. This is what i research on about why we should visit the OPERA HOUSE when we are in Sydney:

"Sydney’s vibrant performing arts scene reflects its multicultural heritage, innovation and diversity of talent. Dazzling venues provide the backdrop for its exceptional musical, dance and dramatic performances."

Thirdly, i want to have a enjoyable shopping experience in Sydney because they are known as one of the world’s best cities to shop. So as a lady, how can i let go of this wonderfrul shopping experience there RIGHT?? share with you readers a few places that i research which is good for shopping in Sydney:
  • Sydney’s favourite fashion zones are Oxford Street Paddington for smart streetwear, King Street Newtown for anything avant-garde, Gould Street Bondi for beachwear and streetwear boutiques, Darling Street Balmain for cool and casual, Castlereagh Street City for luxury labels, and Crown Street Surry Hills for up and coming designers.
  • Sydney’s street markets are the place to go for funky one-offs, retro, accessories and bargains galore – every weekend in Balmain, Paddington, Surry Hills, The Rocks, Kirribilli and Glebe.
  • Urban Walkabout shopping tours, designed for the fashion savvy, and concentrate on Sydney’s most creative areas.
  • Chic in the City shopping tour, the red carpet ride to the Sydney boutiques where the celebrities shop.
  • A personal fashion stylist from the Strand Arcade, home to the cream of Australian designers including Akira, Lisa Ho, Terry Biviano and Zimmermann.
Fourthly, Of cause when there is shopping there must also be places for a wonderful meal yupps?? So going to Syndey i will definately want to experience the dining there with having to taste all the gorgeous food. =))


moreover in Sydney we can have a choice of dining alfresco by the beach or the harbour which is one of Sydney’s great delights at any tim
e of the year. so many choices how can i not visit SYDNEY!! btw my uncle loves the food there.

The fifth thing that urge me to want to visit Sydney is because in Sydney, they have wonderful beachs for swimming and surfing, food and festivals, they are the ultimate escape. Therefore, by visiting the beach i can experience a total different beach outing and scenaries compare to Singapore.

Lastly are the places of attraction in Sydney and their nightlife there that attracts me to go over for a holiday. therefore, going there to experiences all these wonderful moments are going to the greatest things ever. The places of attraction:
  • Slip under the sails of the Sydney Opera House for a tour and performance.
  • Sydney Art Tours runs regular tours of some of Sydney’s best galleries, as well as specialised programs.
  • At Sydney Wildlife World visit the butterfly nursery before getting up close to these gorgeous creatures in their steamy Flutterbys butterfly habitat. The ‘Shark Explorer’ glass-bottom boat at Sydney Aquarium floats above the Great Barrier Reef oceanarium. You’ll see shark feeding in perfect safety.
  • One of the most exhilarating ways to enjoy Sydney Harbour is on a BridgeClimb, a trek which takes you to the summit of the Harbour Bridge. Climb at dawn, day, twilight or night, or take the Discovery Climb, which takes you for a closer look at the inside workings of the Bridge.
  • See the harbour at breakneck speed from a jet boat, where you’ll experience 270° spins and the “powerbrake stop.” Or move at a more leisurely pace and hire a kayak to paddle around secret harbour coves and beaches.
  • There’s a full calendar of events at Sydney Olympic Park, including sporting fixtures and kid’s activities, along with regular bike, walking and behind the scenes sports-

Nightlife places:
  • Expand your wine horizons and explore some of Sydney's newest hotspots. Start mid-afternoon with sherry at the Bentley in Surry Hills, stop at Mille Vini on Crown Street for a choice from the leather-bound wine list, duck into Number One Wine Bar at Circular Quay for the entrée-sized serves of French food from star chef Tony Bilson and 20 wines by the glass.
  • Spend an afternoon acquainting yourself with Australia's drinking heritage around the great old pubs of The Rocks – The Lord Nelson, The Australian or The Mercantile.
  • Take to the outdoors. Sydney does waterside bars brilliantly. Try the vast beer gardens at the Coogee Bay Hotel and Newport Arms, DJs and cocktails with a glittering view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at the Opera Bar, or sip under the stars on the rooftop bar at the Shore Club on Manly beach.
I am always having this dream to go over to Australia and now Nuffnang happens to come up with this wonderful contest and i am going to try my luck for this chance to visit a wonderful country like AUSTRALIA!!!!!! =))

most importantly, i will want to share this great deal with 10 friends of mine.

they are maiko, miri, jeanie, elwin, su yuan, nabilah, sara, weijie, darryl, wk.

btw for more information on Australia and the Come Walkabout packages, visit www.australia.com.

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