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Confessions of a Shopaholic – Movie Tickets Giveaway!

Monday, March 16, 2009 @ 11:04 PM | 0 comments

this is another movie premiere tickets giveaway by NUFFNANG and i am intending to join this time round once again but this time round having my BFF as my model for this contest. guess its gonna be real exciting!! =))
anyway, as stated in my blog title:

"Confessions of a Shopaholic – Movie Tickets Giveaway!"

i first need to know what is the meaning of SHOPAHOLIC and so i went to search about it and these are the results:

and from all the search i have done i think i really didnt pick the wrong person to be my model for this competition!! so this contest i am suppose to blog:

"I know my friend is a SHOPAHOLIC because....."

Firstly, when i enter her bedroom she has lots and lots of cosmetics of different brands and facial products of different brands. So apparently, you can see how often she really shops for cosmetics and facial products yupps?? if you want cheap brands she has and if you want expensive brands, she has them too.

A real crazy shopper indeed!! hahaha!!

Secondly, opening her closet was really the wrong thing you would want to do when you visit her place and the reason is she has LOTS N LOTS of clothings for different events. OMG!!!!! whether issit for evening wear, clubbing wear, chilling out wear and many many more she sure to have them all!! hahaha!! Moreover, she loves shopping for clothings especially when there is a BIG SALE!!! who doesnt anyway!! hahaha!!
and her favourite shopping places are COTTON ON and CITY PLAZA. i know it all!! =))

Thirdly, she has SO SO SO many accessories at home. From her closets to all her 3 drawers at the dressing table. Can u imagine how much she spend shopping for all the bangles, necklaces, earrings, rings and many many more. i bet if i really count them all, it can cos HUNDRED OF BUCKS OR EVEN THOUSAND?? and that is why buying for her accessories has never come across my mind before. LOL!!

Fourthly, its not just those clothings, accessories or facial products that makes me know she is a shopaholic but its also those lingere and bags that she has in her cupboards that makes me know she is a shopaholic. Moreover, they arent cheap brands for her BAGS and LINGERE alright?? anyway she has her reason to why she cant get cheaper LINGERE and im not gonna share it here cos its personal. =))

Fifth,whenever there is a SALE or a BIG SALE and i tell her, she will never fail to go for those sales and grab those things that she like!! she will buy with all her hands fill with plastic bags and she does that even when she goes overseas!! recently when she came back from overseas and i saw the amount of clothes she bought, i almost FAINT!! hahaha!! its super loads really!! hahaha!! =))

Lastly, sometimes she even OVERSPEND not just on shopping but also on food and when she say she should set a BUDGET, it never seems to work on her cos again she will still overspend and it gets worst if there is sales going on, so you see how can she not be known as a SHOPAHOLIC. =))

btw if i win this movie tickets, i am sure to bring her along for this wonderful movie cos i believe that she will definately enjoy it. =))

I bet its a wonderful movie so dont forget to

“Catch Confessions of a Shopaholic on 26 March!”


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