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~*Town Great Shopping Spree!!*~ =))

Thursday, March 05, 2009 @ 6:21 PM | 0 comments

Want to shop?? Eat?? Chill??

The place that is great for such stuff is definately no where else but ORCHARD area. So 2 days ago i had a super bad dream and i wldnt wan to elaborate further of what i have dreamt about cos its really really scary and due to the bad dream i had woke me up super early at 8 plus in the morning of my very FIRST OFF DAY. DAMN!!!

Since i was bored so i drop maiko a msg and we decided to meet in town for lunch before she go for lesson and jamming session. moreover i was suppose to meet one of my BFF cos the other went to THAILAND njoying herself there. hehehe!!

so when me and maiko met we shop at FAR EAST PLAZA for fake nails and for food. i even drop by at TAMMY's new outlet there to say hi and see her new collection. i didnt managed to buy much except the nails cos that was what i wanted yupps?? arnd 4pm my BFF arrived and i introduce her to maiko and they get along quite well i would say. =))

jean(BFF) bought a set of perfume for WK and i think the smell is good and at the same time i found out that my new collection for ESCADA perfume has arrived n i am so gonna get it for sure. Incase you all do not know, i am collecting escada perfumes so this new arrival is going into the collection for sure.

and one more thing, maiko told me she intend to join the competiton to do a ending for jesse and trey blog story and she's gonna make a sad one so if you readers are intersted it knowing what the ending will be like, you can visit her blog to do so. =))

once again im advertising for you maiko!! quick treat me!! hahaha!! i know you will read this!! LOL!!

btw my favourite part of outing will always b the cam-whoring session and so i shall share the picture we took during the shopping outing.

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~