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Sunday, April 05, 2009 @ 11:35 PM | 0 comments

To be honest, i actually plan to blog about the things i do yesterday and where i went to BUT after what have happen this early afternoon, i told myself i need to blog about this ANGRY incident!! ARGH!!!!!!

FYI i am sick and i am down with a sudden asthma attack so doctors around my place are all close cos its a SUNDAY so i have no choice but to pull my weak body all the way to CCK to see the doctor there n look for lil precious!!

so this is what happen. i got out of house walk under the drizzling rain although i am already sick and finally managed to reach the bus stop opposite my house and waited for bus 61 to get to Eunos mrt station. the worst thing is that particular bus stop only has that bus to the mrt so i have left with no choice. Sitting down at the bus stop while listening to my mp4, i realise i have already waited for about 20 mins before the bus finally arrive.

so i flag harder to make the bus 61 driver know i need to take the bus because infront of 61 was another bus. both buses stop at the bus stop but 61 was behind and out of the shelter so i waited and expected the bus to move towards the front once the bus infront of it has set off but didnt i would expect, the STUPID bus 61 driver actually steer the bus outwards and drove away without PICKING ME UP!! at that moment i was like WTF!!!!!!

first, i waited 20 MINUTES for your stupid bus.

secondly, arent you suppose to drive your bus into the bus stop to pick your passenger up since its raining. you cant expect your passenger to walk in the rain just to hop onto your bus RIGHT?? its common sense??

and lastly, i am sick and freaking pissed that i have to take another bus to the next bus stop to take other buses to Eunos mrt its obviously wasting my time and energy. i think this shouldnt b the case of the driver man!!

i am really really upset over the service of the BUS DRIVER and his CHARACTER!! i want to lodge a complain but i do not know the driver's name so all i can remember and see is the bus number which is TIB425R and timing was around 3.30 to 4pm at UBI area.

so if SMRT see this blog post of mine, pls find out who your driver and do the necessary arrangement yupps?? cos i feel so so disappointed and upset about this WHOLE freaking issue!!!!!! =((

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~