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Sunday, April 12, 2009 @ 9:53 PM | 0 comments

Before i blog about my outing yesterday, i wanna share this piece of news that i happen to read on the newpaper when i was at work today.

Apparently, there was this 18-year old girl by the n
ame of ling er(said by newpaper reporter), who was willingly to give out her NUDE PICTUURE to anyone who can offer the best five gifts to her pet society pet. OMG!!!!! can you believe it?? she is willing to exchange her nude picture of some gifts that people can give her on the net.

anyway, according to the newpaper, they said that she might not even really send those people her nude picture after getting the gift. some people just merely say some stuff to attract the attractions. i think many of us have play pet society before but to the extend of having the best of your pet and sacrifice your NUDE PICTURE, i think its definately NOT WORTH at all.

so girls pls do not be like her alright??


okie back to my topic about the birthday outing ystd for JASMIN!! we met up arnd 3 plus, didnt really know where to go and what to do so we decide to head towards parkway for a late lunch. walk arnd thinking of what to eat until our feet brought us to SWENSEN and we decided to settle there.

We order quite a lot. we had the mushrooms soup that was place in the bread, we had macaroni and cheese, we had ocean crunch salad, we had breaded chicken, we had shephard pie and lastly not forgetting the FIREHOUSE BIRTHDAY ICE CREAM. cos were there to celebrate jasmin birthday as well. btw i hope you like it girl!! =))

Rain was pouring super heavy the whole day so we didnt go anywhere else and decided to spend the day at parkway playing pool, shopping and stuff. we even play the arcade and i found a real real real fun game. im so in LOVE with that game!! hahaha!! its a stimulator though but an interesting one.

than when the night fall we headed to jasmin place to chill and stuff.

its real enjoyable!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~