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Wednesday, April 08, 2009 @ 12:57 AM | 0 comments

i was thinking of updating a lil on what i did last week and i think im going to do that first!! apparently i met up with my buddies last week though it wasn't a full strength but i have to say i really enjoy myself ice-skating with them. it was my VERY FIRST TIME ice-skating n i think i did it quite well yupps??

im sure to say that im going back for more n i bet JASON will too!! cos he is already pestering!! hahaha!!

About today, i met up with darling miri for K session than after that jean dearie met us for dinner. i miss both of them so badly n they though i MIA!! hahaha!! so cute right?? aniwae mi and miri had a crazy time at TOP ONE KTV near bugis cos there were all sorts of lightning you can choose to make your room atmosphere fit the song and you can also create smoke in the room. NOT SMOKING that kinda smoke so dont get me wrong!!

after dinner, we went over to the new shopping m
all near bugis junction and than we saw a HUGE CROWD gathering at the basement. no idea why until we saw the banner and it was.........


the girls were all screaming n yelling crazy over him!! OMG!! hahaha!!

so mi n my babes decided not to bother cos he wasnt our idol so we headed straight up to i think 4 level to grab some nice FAT FREE yoghurt introduce by darling miri and i have to say it is SUPER B!!!!!! you readers should really go try it!! infact besides just the yoghurt, you can still add an additional toppings on top whether issit 1 or 3 toppings is all up to you to decide.

Most importantly, the service there is really good
. salesgirl was friendly and heart warming. ok if you think i got paid or sponsor to advertise for them, let me tell you NOPE i didnt get paid or sponsor by them. just did it cos i think the yoghurt was really good. =))

im going to bring lil precious there to try it 1 day. aniwae the name of the yoghurt stall is BERRYLITE and to find out more you can visit their website at:


so if you happen to drop iLuma shopping centre opposite bugis junction, dont forget to try it alright?? i bet you will LOVE it!! =))

Shall blog till here!! do keep your tags n comment coming in yupps? i will reply them asap and about the 61 Bus issue thanks for all the tags and advices given. still opening up for more comments and advices for that topic too. =))

*P.S: i caught lil precious niece doing a super ADORABLE face this morning before going out!! hee!!

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