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Bugis shopping and outing!! =))

Wednesday, May 06, 2009 @ 8:57 AM | 0 comments

Bugis was the place the babe hang out at yesterday!! i was super tempted to spend to buy lots of thing but than again i think that i was apparently shot of cash so i guess i should hold back my temptation. GOASH!! this feel sucky!! i wanna shop shop shop!! =x

I have so many things in my mind i wanna get but i just wldnt be able to buy it because they are all expensive things that i wanna get. OH MAN!! i need MONEY!! anyone kind enough to spare me some!! LOL!!!!!
anyway got some stuff to update that is why im blogging in. just something random.

would u people go to a coffee shop eat sitting down in a 6 person table when there is only 2 of u?? the worst thing is to sit in the centre seat of the 6 PEOPLE TABLE!! i just saw a INCONSIDERATE couple who was doing that at bugis yesterday. after shopping we were super hungry so we decided to eat duck rice and when we got there the seats were all full until we saw an empty seat of 6 people.
we saw a couple who were grabbing the seat with jasmin so she decided to give way thinking that they will seat in the most outer or inner seat but ended up, they sat in the MIDDLE!! OMFG!! is like u both sit in the centre do you expect we girl to sit beside you both and talk across u both?? DARN IRRITATING LA this couple!!
MIND YOU there are WOKRING ADULTS okie?? so embarassing. i was totally turn off. how could there be such incosiderate couple esp YOUNG WORKING COUPLE!! OH MAN!! what have the world turn into??

if it was old auntie and uncle i would understand but they are not. i should have like took their picture and place it in my blog and STOMP!! LOL!!!
btw after dinner we went to the new mall n i got myself a camera bag since i alr have the intention to buy a DSLR. the shop sell cool stuff like caps, bags, spec and BIG BIG SPECTACLES!! i caught a lady wearing it so i decided to take a picture of her and she was kind enough to let me take it!! hehehe!! =)) THANKS BABE!!
i love my camera bag cause it's fill with LOVE!! hahaha!! =))

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