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The Things I Want To Do With My Family.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 @ 9:43 AM | 0 comments

I just log into www.nuffnang.com.sg and i saw a contest that i long to await for so that i can spend my time with my family memebers and im glad they came out this contest for me to gain an opportunity to win tickets to have a day with my family.

as you guys know, i have been very busy almost every single dayin sch, at work, bf, friends that i totally neglect my time with my family. so i really hope to win this tickets to spend that precious day with them. =)) here i go for the competition:

“The things I want to do with my family!”

i have SO SO SO many things i want to do with my family and

the very first thing i want to do with my family mem
eber is to go for a wonderful meal with them every weekend, sitting down chit chatting and at t
he same time enjoying the meal. That is what we usually do when i had time. so that bring backs lots of joy and laughter yups??

the second thing i want to do with my family is to go shopping together, whether issit window shopping or buying lots of things and carry packets of shopping bag home. i used to miss the times when i was young cause that was what my family and i used to do and i really enjoy it alot. but now when im older and i have alot more things to do, i totally had no time for such shopping with my family already. =((

the third thing i want to do with my family is to sit down and play board games at the same time having so much fun. to be honest, this have NEVER HAPPEN before in my family because we do not really play board games so i really hope that we can do this one day ya?? i used to remember those days when i watch cartoons and they have board games advertisment showing family plaing board games and how i wish i am able to get my family to play like them. so this is something i really want to try out.

the fourth thing i will want to do is to bring my family to enjoy a day at the singapore flyers to allow them to see the beautiful onsite of the places around there or even to chinatown heritage centre to learn about the past. i know this are the ways that i can bring my family close together and perhaps we might go out every weekend.

the last and MOST IMPORTANT thing i will want to do with my family member is to have a family day every weekend. why do i say so is because, this has never happen in my family before because we are always so busy with things to do that we never had time to spend our weekend out as a whole family. this is something i really hope to have because i think its the best thing to do to create a bond in the family.

so that is why i intend to join this contest because i felt i
ts a start to bring my family bond closes together if i were to win this tickets as
it is already a family day spend together. so i really hope to win this ticket so i have a chance to bring the whole family together as i feel the bond in my family getting drifted apart after many unhappy things has happen. so this will be the chance to bring everything back together AGAIN!! =((

btw if you guys want to plan a family day NOW do visit:

"Start planning for your own Family Day Out on 30 May 2009! Visit www.nfc.sg!”

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