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Monday, June 15, 2009 @ 11:26 PM | 0 comments

As most of you all know, NUFFNANG recently held a FLASH MOB events in town last weekend and yes i was there to join in the fun with many of the WONDERFUL BLOGGERS!! =))

the event
ended earlier than i expected but overall i think it was still alright just that my group was a lil lost so it got a lil disorganize but thanks to all my blogging buddies, they made my day!!

took wonderful pictures with xia xue and sheylara and many more pictures to come just gotta wait for the NUFFIES to upload them so i can start grabbing them all to upload here!! i really did enjoy my day i really do!!



TOday is the very first day of sch reopen. times seems
to fly really fast that just within the 2 weeks of holis so much have happen. things wasnt really going smoothly for me this 2 weeks and im glad i have my friends there for me. THANKS GUYS!! special thanks to this one particular person too!! =))

anyway after school met up with the usual mates and we had dinner or shall i say a wonderful dinner with them cos so much laughter and fun once place into that dinner that all of us have!!

i cant wait for SALES MANAGEMENT CLASS this coming FRIDAY!! LOL!!!!!!! =))

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