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Monday, June 08, 2009 @ 6:22 PM | 0 comments

Alright the very first thing im gonna update about is that i finally PASS MY DRIVING TEST!! WOOHOOOO!!! im so so so happy!! just nice 18 points mans!! OMG!! super scare that i will fail man!! GOASH!! but thanks goodness i pass!! im glad about that!! =))


Oooo ya i forgot to mention that i won 7 TICKETS to the singapore flyers!! a real experience i can say. i love the sceneries and most importantlyi was there with my love ones and my 2 wonderful buddies!! thanks for going guys. hehehe!! =))


Next thing is that i really had wonderful classmates from my management class and we had a wonderful chalet that we plan earlier on before the holidays. we really had an enjoyable day at the chalet chatting, eating, playing games, laughter and all. hope to have another one more chalet coming up soon with them.


i finally had a chance to meet up my lovely darlings and im really glad all the unhappy things have been over and we are all back to the same all loving us. no matter what happen i believe our friendship will stay alright darling. love you girls loads!! =))


so many things have happen lately and i think i really need my own time and i need to b alone for a short while to sort things out about my life and my relationship. things arent really going smooth for me. i just need those quiet times alone to sit down to think of what i really want to do and what i should do. =((

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