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Thursday, June 11, 2009 @ 12:43 AM | 0 comments

Hey people!!

Have you ever thought of how it will be like to have internet connection in the PUBLIC TOILET or a POOL SIDE TOILET??

as for me i have always been thinking and wishing how good it will be to have internet connection in the toilets whether issit pool side toilets or public toilets. i know its sounds kinda nuts but i feel that it is fascinating to have the connection in the toilets. =))

You guys must be thinking why out of all places i choose toilets to have internet connection right?? basically, there are a few reason why i think the toilet is a good place and let me share it with you readers out there!!

Imagine me having a bad tummmy ache and i need to spend sometime in the toilet and i am feeling bored but if the toilet have an internet connection, i will be able to surf the net to BLOG when im in the toilet or even chat with my FRIENDS ON MSN while spending time in the toilet. HAHAHA!! especially having to share with them the experience i have in the toilet!! LOL!!!!!!!!!


imagine if im at the beach or poolside toilet and i saw this HOT CHICK or HUNK and i really want to share this best moment with MY BESTIE since he or she is not with me right away. NO internet connection can be a hassle cos im unable to share that moment with them but if there is an internet connection, i will be able to go online straight away to sign in on MSN to use my webcam to show it to them and we can even chat about that HOT CHICK or HUNK!! how cool and exciting can this get!! WOOOHOO!!!!

even at the same time i MSN with them, i can even be BLOGGING about the experience right straight on my laptop or handphone if there is an internet connection!! SOUNDS SO FUN!!!!!! =))

so now you guys know why having INTERNET CONNECTION in the PUBLIC OR POOLSIDE TOILETS will be the BEST CHOICE i have made out of all places right?? LOL!!!!!!!!

anyway wanna know more about this internet connection stuff and all??

check out the website below today!!

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