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Birthday greetings and my the blue rose!! =))

Thursday, July 16, 2009 @ 5:02 PM | 0 comments

Finally i managed to fing some time to edit picture and to post an entry for those burfdae babies!! hehehe!! but before that, i managed to took picture with my blue rose!! =))


Alright back to topic. Anyway our sales management class happen to be having birthday celebration. first it was Rachel than 2 days ago it was Bona!! Rachel birthday we only managed to give her a surprise birthday in school and it's all thanks to Yee Ling baby for coming up with the plan!! hahaha!! =))

For bona birthday, we organized a chalet for his birthda
y and thanks to those who have help me with it and thanks for those who have came down for the celebration!! without you guys his birthday wldnt be such a success, esp with the SABOTAGING part!! hahaha!! =))
Thanks so much to all of you!!


On the actual birthday of his we went for a wonderful din
ner by the beach, ice cream session by the beach and lastly a scroll by the beach!! it has been sometime since we last have such a session. i really enjoy myself. =))

To bona baby:

" I really hope that you had a wonderful birthday celebration with the class as well as the individual time you had with me on your actual birthday. I really hope i didnt bore you on your actual birthday with all the last mins plan. =(("


"I just wanna say that no matter what ha
ppen i will be there for you!! im sorry for whatever happen the other day and i promise the same thing wldnt happen again!! Im sorry!! =(("

Btw once again i will wanna say.....






BON!!!!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~