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Friday, July 24, 2009 @ 12:38 AM | 0 comments

I seriously think that my FYP report is driving me nutss!! it seems that whatever i do i will think of FYP like even when im SLEEPPING?? ok this shows how stress i am n its not good apparently!! this cannot go on or else i will go nutsss for sure!! OMG!! ARGH!!!!

Anyway just happen to look through my pictures and i happen see how much i have change from the past till now!! even my hairstyle!! hahaha!! anyway i cant wait for the photoshoot this sun with MELDRIC and MAIKO!! hope its goin to be so so fun!! hees!! =))

In 2005!!

In 2006!!

In 2007!!

In 2008!!

In 2009!!

btw thanks baby for helping me with my FYP as well!! without you i think i will probably twice as stress compared to now!! LOVE YA!! =))

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