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Nuffnang Movie Contest – “UP” Movie Tickets Giveaway!

Monday, July 27, 2009 @ 2:45 AM | 0 comments

Im blogging in for this contest tickets basically because i feel that this movie reminds of someone who never fails to make me laugh and smile whenever i see him.

Wanna know who??

To bad im not telling!! LOL!!

Anyway le's begin with the Movie "UP"

You guys should really watch the trailers its really super funny and the boy just simply look and sound so ADORABLE that i feel like pinching those cheeks of his?? hahaha!! =))

Anyway from the trailers what i can describe about CARL is that he is:

- An interesting OLD MAN
- Adventurours will be the word one can say about him
- Cute in some way ( purpose of watching the trailers)
- Soft hearted (cos he always pity RUSSELL)
- Fun to be with person

All the above points basically interest me to catch this movie simply cos i wanna knw more of what he does in this movie and how adventurous can he get in this movie and how cute is he as well in this movie. Im all so excited to watch this movie!! OMG!!

ALRIGHT this is the real best part of watching the movie because you get to see RUSSELL the CUTEST BOY I EVER SEE!! LOL!! what interest me about him is that:

- Funny
- Likeable
- Cute in all his reaction and words
- Adventurous

Seeing him really brighten up my day cos every time i play and watch the trailers i will definately laugh to it!! no idea y but guess its cos of the reaction and words that he has in the movie and that is what really caught me in wanting to watch this "UP" movie so badly!!

im sure its going to be a WONDERFUL MOVIE!! =))

Then we have Kevin the BIG BIRD and


How can you guys not catch this movie when it is so so NICE and INTERESTING?? If you give this movie a miss im sure you will really regret not watching it!! THAT'S FOR SURE!! =))

Anyway for those who want to catch this movie :

UP in Singapore Cinemas opening 7th August 2009”

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~