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Nuffnang- Cenosis Blogging Contest!!

Monday, August 17, 2009 @ 2:04 PM | 0 comments

Have you people ever been through the times when you use to be the most outstanding, prettiest, gorgeous, cutest person during your schooling or working days?? just like those famous actress and actors!!

Have you ever been through the time when you were so attractive that you are able to attract majority of the opposite sex regardless whether your at work or at schools or even when your shopping or walking along the streets??

or perhaps even be the type of person whom people around you always says that your the kinda person that no matter how much you eat your still skinny and gorgeous??


Maybe one fine day you woke up looking into the mirror realising how much you have put on weight that some of the clothings you use to wear can no longer fit you or your arms and legs or even your face become chubby that your no longer the prettiest or hottest person that you use to be in the past.

The worst thing is people around you start saying:

"OMG!! What Happen To You??" or "Did You Put ON Weight?? What Happen??"

How do you feel hearing all those words or even having to attend TAF CLUB back in the secondary school days of primary school days?? i think this is what most of us have been through and yes if your wondering, whether i have been through this situation personally and all i can say is that, it is not something you can accept straight away!!

You will feel really really upset and demoralise and of cos that is w
hen the SLIMMING methods all pours in!!

******************************************************************************** BACK IN THE PAST:

Too much of chocolate cause me to be a person who has a weight of 39KG to increase straight to a weight of 50KG and the comments i got from my friends were so upsetting and the worst thing that could ever happen is to see how one by one of your EYE CANDY and ADMIRERS starts avoiding you!! it really sucks to be me at that point of time!! cos of that, i decided and was determine to SLIM DOWN!! YES YES SLIM DOWN!!

The 1st method: JUST SALAD DIET!!

First i started with just eating salad and nothing else!! i was on a crush salad diet i survive on only the salad for the whole day and mind you, i only have one meal a day and the meal that i take is just pure salad!!

I tried this diet for at least about 2 months only to realise that i am not losing any weight at all!! i was so so upset about this that i stop on this method and when to another plan!!

The 2nd method: WATER DIET!!

Since i felt that even eating salad wasnt a way to Slim down,i decided perhaps i shouldnt eat anything instead just survive on liquid and not touch any food!! so i apparently when on a water diet!! still able to survive for a month i think i was considered lucky cos after a month of just drinking water and soup and not a single solid food i didnt ended up in hospital or faint.

Seriously, i could have actually die using this method!! anyway using this method didnt work out for me either and it even bring me to gastric issues!! so again i decided to come out with another method!!

The 3rd method: Exercise everyday and only eat one meal A DAY!!

As everyone knows that exercising is one of the best way to keep fit and SLIM DOWN, i decided to take up this challenge by going jogging every single day after school and skip all meals only eating one meal a day!! sounds better right??

but then again i did this for a few months but still no sign of any weight loss!! i really feel that all the methods i have tried just doesnt seem to work for me anymore and all attempts seems to fail!! =((

At that very moment how i was i could have money so i am able to go to a SLIMMING CENTRE to just use their programme to slim me down the fastest and effective way but since i do not have the money, i decided that i shall just stick with method 3 in hoping to see some results!!

******************************************************************************** My Friend Past:

I think that i was considered so much luckier than my friend after hearing her story. i decided not to name her cause i respect her privacy so she shall be kept anoynomous for now!!

Anyway i think her past was so so much worst than mine. what i heard f
rom her is that in primary schools, her friends call her "FAT!!" dont wish to mix with her and even kick and push her down to the drain asking her to eat in the drain!! sometimes she got so scare she really hide herself at a corner to eat so that people will not see her and wont bully her!!

In her secondary school days, she met a guy whom she was really crazy over and he told her that if she SLIM down, he will date her out for sure!! Hea
ring this make her want to slim down so much faster so all she did was to survive on nothing else but plain water every single day!! she wouldnt eat a single bit at all!!

Then one fine day, her body couldnt take it anymore and she faint and was hospitalize!! even when she was in the hospital, she still refuse to it that they have no choice but to put her on drips!! can you imagine how determine she was to slim down but of cos the method fail her so she ended up in the hospital!! i think her situation was so much worst then mine but im glad its all over for her now!! =))


Btw i was browsing through a few slimming centre website and i f
ound Cenosis new slimming technology called the Cavitation Technology from this link:


basically, this method has been approved by the NEA to be use in Singapore. How i think this method will help me is because, it will break fat cells membrane through the bursting of micro-bubbles. The complex fatty acids are then broken down into simpler fatty acids. These simple fatty acids can then be passed out through excretory system.

so which means whatever is in the tummy can be get rid of easily to prevent a person from becoming fat. This is indeed a brillant method that CENOSIS would think of.

btw if girls if your interested in this programme, “Make an appointment with Cenosis right now, to find out how you can benefit from this wonderful technology at a special price of $33. Call 7000 700 6626 or visit www.cenosis.biz/cavitation.php to make an appointment.”

so you are one step closer to wearing your desire clothing or dress or even win back the hearts of your preveious EYE CANDIES!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~