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Quick Post!! =))

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 @ 12:39 PM | 0 comments

Bowling session was fun yesterday and i WON!! it was quite surprising though cos i haven been playing it for awhile!! Anyway saw a set of bowling shoes, bag n ball that im sure gonna get cause it's CHEAP!! WOOHOO!!

perhaps birthday present or something since my birthday is coming real real soon!! i so cant wait for my birthday to come cos im awaiting for all the surprises to come!! if there is any!! LOL!!

Anyway gonna rush of for work now since its the holis so there is nothing much to say about sch cos its all about work now!! n i will be so so busy with work that i have a feeling im gonna complain im tired every single time!! hehehe!!

alright that's all for now and i promise i will be updating soon!! =))

OOO Ya!! one more thing.....

to my blogger friends which always ask me to go out and gather with them im sorry i always not able to make it. shall meet up with you guys soon!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~