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20th Birthday Celebration!! =))

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 @ 12:03 AM | 0 comments

25th September:

This day itself i was indeed busy shopping for my bbq stuff yet again i was so into using my N97 camera that i totally forget about my beloved CANON camera. picture taken is with my N97 and my thoughts about the phone so far is good just that sometimes i get rather confused with the applications. maybe is just me being DUMB!! LOL!!

but still i am in love with that phone hoping that the returning day of the phone never come and i can use it forever!! =))

i found out that the Ovi application where games, audio, video all can be downloaded for free and i managed to download some of the games and play them while waiting for baby during his work. the phone is really FUN!! =))

more updates on the phone!! =))

26th September:

BQ birthday party DAY and i was so busy preparing including baby who was helping me out alot as well!! not forgetting my family members!! thank you so so much for making the party a wonderful one!!

Thanks to all that have came for the party!! you guys made my day!! the gifts were great especially the 99 LOLLIPOP MADE BY YEE LING!! Thanks darling!! despite her busy schedule and unwell body she still make the trip down to my bbq and pass me the lollipops!! THANKS N LOVE YOU MY DEAR!! =))

i wanna say thank you too:

-MY WONDEFUL BLOGGER GROUP esp KZ for being a wonderful photographer!!



Without you guys i believe the party will not be that much of fun!! =))

*I was never crazy over using handphone to take picture until i use N97 cos i found the camera really good!!

27th Septemeber:

Finally managed to meet up with my lovely best friend maiko!! she was so sweet to treat me to suki buffet and even got me my favourite RAPLH LAUREN perfume!! Thanks babe!! =))

we went to kbox after that and baby join us too!! we
had ballons and cakes and a free photo taken for me and baby!! it was nice!! that is not the funniest part, the funniest part was one of the kbox staff brought in my birthday cake with only ONE big candle. LOL!!

the moment maiko saw it, her reaction was like "WHAT!! 10 YEARS OLD??" LOL!! you should see the reaction of the staff!! GOASH!! so he ran out to take another candle and got made to sing a birthday song for me!! LOL!!

i really enjoy that wonderful day with her!! I must also credit her as she was the PHOTOGRAPHER on that very day!! =))


As for today, i am back to work after all the enjoyment. but that's not all cos my actual birthday is 2 DAYS away and im so looking forward with the celebration with baby and the celebration with my BABIES tml!! =))

More updates on those!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~