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Birthday WishList!! =))

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 @ 1:22 PM | 0 comments

Getting ready for my birthday party on the 26th and i am rather busy with all the preparation stuff so i didnt really have much time in blogging up what i really wish for my birthday!!

The best thing to start my birthday month is my new advertisement for nokia and mediacom. i was super duper happy up
on recieving an e-mail from nuffnang to help advertise for nokia!! Was indeed a great big happy birthday!! =))

Btw things that are on my wishlist now will be to get:

1st : GUCCI Wallet (Im crazily in love with it!!)

2nd: Fred Perry Shirt (OMG!! eyeing for quite sometime already!!)

3rd: Ipod Touch (Wanting it so badly!!)

Anyway pretty busy lately that this update was in my draft for a few few days!! LOL!!


Got my N97 from nuffnang office yesterday and i have already started using it!! Kinda noob to the phone guess i am not really use to it but then again i manage to find games to install and play!! HEHEHE!! =)) I promise more updates on the phone alright??

Ooo wait how could i forget!! i just rebonded an
d colour my hair!! total new hair colour!! rebonding was good, service was good and most importantly the price is AFFORDABLE!!

Venue: Orchard Central Level 6 Shop

Name: KIMarie

*My readers will be given a discount so if you wish to go just drop me an e-mail at cheryllim_@hotmail.com and i will get back to you asap!! =))*

BBQ!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~