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~*New Idea For Blog Design!!*~ =))

Monday, October 19, 2009 @ 2:54 PM | 0 comments

To all my dear blogger fans, pardon me for not blogging that often recently cos i feel no motivation in blogging....

Im really trying to find the reason why?? Why Why Why!! URGH!! Uh HUH i think i know why. i think i need to change my blog outlook and find something more interesting to blog about. =))

I need someone who is kind enough to volunteer in designing my blog outlook for me, makes it look more different s
o i wont feel bored looking at my blog everytime i enter. GOASH!! GOD please send me someone helpful.

I promise to help the person who is able to help me design my blog to:

1st: Promote their design to many of my other blogger friends and advertisor.

2nd: If is really nice i do not mind paying for the effort.

3rd: I will really really really thank the pers
on So if anyone will be able to help me with my blog please e-mail me at: cheryllim_@hotmail.com

Thanks!! =))

Secondly, the other thing that will moti
vate me to blog is having to do a lil advertisements so advertisor if you need people to advertise feel free to look for me and i will help you out with the advertising. =))


Some pass updates from the prawning session!! =))