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~*Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards!!*~

Monday, October 26, 2009 @ 11:25 AM | 0 comments

A long awaiting moments that all bloggers have been waiting for!! Bloggers from SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, PHILLIPINES and AUSTRALIA have been waiting for this very day.......


i was really excited about this very day though i know im not going to be up on stage to recieve any awards. the thing that makes me excited about this events is being able to see bloggers from all arnd the region and to see all the beautiful ladies of course.

On this very day, YZ and Maiko came over to my place to get ourselves all doll up ready for the event. we got those cocktail dresses, make up, bags, hair, shoes all done ready to be worn on that night. after were ready we all took a cab down to PAN PACIFIC HOTEL where the awards event will be held. The moment we arrive we saw many many many people. i got even more excited and nervous. But after seeing my usual clinque of bloggers i feel so so much better. =))

Girls always do what is best during every outing and that is to CAMWHORE in the toilet. SO that is what Maiko, Yz and I did before entering the ballroom . The Toilet is Really Nice BTW!! Feels super comfortable the moment you step into the toilet. =)) Okie y am i promoting the toilet anyway!! LOLLL!!!

After camwhoring at the toilet, we finally decided to enter the ballroom and the event commence at 8pm where we had our emcee ALAN WU on that day to start the ball rolling.He was quite good in the emcee job but still i prefer him to be acting!! =))

The moment after Alan did an intro, this video of Tim and Ming was shown to us to enlighten us on how they met and how they actually start up nuffnang which until today i would say it is a really really successful company. AND of cos not forgetting the successful people working to bring this wonderful company to a success. =))

The first dish was serve which is a light appetizers, then followed by a magic show by the famous magicians. Their magic tricks is marvellous but the things that attract me is not the magic show but the beautiful magician girl!! she is really really gorgeous!! words just cant describe how beautiful and hot she is!! =))

The official dish was then serve and the blog awards presentation also start along!! There were many awards like Best Blog Shop, Best Fashion Blog, Best Food Blog, Best Travel Blog and many more. So while waiting i took picture with Maiko and a malaysian bloggers. =))

There were many other performance by electrico too. Maiko was really like them and i do agree that their voice was really fantastic. =)) and and and CONGRATS to XIA XUE for taking home the awards of BEST DESIGN BLOG, BEST INFLUENTIAL BLOG AND BEST REGION BLOG!! *Claps!!*

And of course congrats to the others who have won the other awards as well!! =)

As the event came to an end and before baby pick me up i manage to take a few photos with my bloggers buddies!! =))

I will like to Credit Maiko for the photoshoot and also thank her for bringing me along and lastly of cos to NUFFNANG for having this marvellous event held for us!! =))


~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~