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~*Wonderful Birthday Celebration!!*~ =))

Monday, October 05, 2009 @ 3:12 PM | 0 comments

29th September:

My lovely besties were there to countdown my birthday with me and i was really glad that there were cakes, fireworks sparkles and many more. Last min we came up a plan to go prawning so BOTTLETREE was where i countdown to my birthday.

It was also my first time prawning and i was really afraid of being bite by those prawn so i was making hell lots of noise there. sorry to all those who were there on that day.

It was nice of the guy working there to wish me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY when he walk pass me and they all actually waited for us to leave before the staff there headed home. felt so bad!! =(( i really enjoy the whole day with them and thanks MY LOVE!!!!! =))

30th September:

It was the actual day of my birthday and baby and I had a date at the silso beach resort. i was so excited to see the place especially with the jacuzzi. Ohhhh!! LOL!!

We woke up early and went for a lunch treat by his mum and those flowers you see in the pictures below was made by his mum though its baby thoughts and idea to gif me the flowers!! really nice right?? i love it too!! =))

after checking in the hotel we headed to vivo for steamboat and then back to the hotel to enjoy the jacuzzi. it was great i swear just that the roof is a lilk dirty. it will be good if they could do something about it.

Btw i really had a great 20th birthday THANKS TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WHO WAS THERE ON MY BIRTHDAY!! =))


~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~