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Fickle Minded!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009 @ 10:19 PM | 0 comments

Today at work i was really really pissed of by this customer because she is just so so so indecisive!! OH GOASH!! Can you believe that she take so so so freaking long to decide whether to buy the Ukimono bundle or just the Ukimono?? btw you all must be wondering how long she took right?? about a whole freaking HOUR!!

after taking a scroll, she came back deciding to buy only the Ukimono then in just less than a min, she change her mind to the bundle. after passing me her credit card, she change her mind again saying she just take the Ukimono. in another min she change her mind to buy the bundle again. you see how irritating can it get??

So i wrote the installment plan paper as she wanted to pay by installment and the next min she decided not to buy the bundle again saying that her husband doesnt allow and she wont want her daugther to follow her steps!!

At that moment i was like WTF!! R U TREATING ME LIKE A FOOL OR WHAT!!!!!! so freaking pissed!! i wonder how she married her husband when she change her mind so fast.

i think when her husband propose to her she was like ok then the next seconds, i think we think about it then after that she say ok......... blah blah blah!! i dont wanna knw how her husband managed to propose to her!!

OMG!! i was totally lost for words after serving her cos i was so so mad at her!!

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