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Scarlett Johansson

Tuesday, December 01, 2009 @ 10:45 AM | 0 comments

Just another day in sch doing research. Once again staring at my acer laptop with those heavy eyes searching for relevant points online. while searching, i happen to scroll through Scarlett Johansson picture and never did i realise she was so HOTTTT!! LOLLLL!!

Everyone around has been talking about Megan Fox here Megan Fox there that all my attention was on her all this while, thinking that she was the hottest babe and all but now, i think that SCARELETT JOHHANSSON is HOTTTT!! ooo did i say, i LOVEEE looking at pretty and hot girls!! you guys may think im nuts but i really do appreciate the beauty they have on them. =))

While googling i even found a webpage on her and if you guys are interested in knowing more about her you can visit


Comparing Scarlett Johansson to Jessica Alba or to Megan Fox i still think that Scarlett WINS it all. Ok mayb its just cos i super attracted to Scarlett. LOLLL!! =))

n oo ya if you all do not knw, SCARLE
TT JOHANSSON can SING SING SING!! not just acting. now she's like multi talented. She just the lady that every lady wish to be and every guy wish to be with. Hehehe!! =))

alright that's all for now cos i still gotta rush on my ppt!!

i uploaded a video of scarlett johansson interview with ellen as well.

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