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The Year 2009!!

Thursday, December 31, 2009 @ 2:07 AM | 0 comments

Another year have past and now 2009 is coming to an end as we welcome the year 2010. this also means that im getting another year older and so is everyone of us. just got back from nuffnang event and here i am blogging in.

saying about 2009, many things have happen this year. firstly, not to say i have met new classmates and new friends but still im keeping the old wants like jasmin, wee teck, jason, jasmand and the others. not to forget my blogger friends like maiko, wj, hp, ying zhi, mel and more and also my poly mates like, yeeling, eugene, mandy, david, rome and matilda. knowing them is my greatest happiness cos they are a bunch of wonderful people. =))

beside friendship i also met the new love of my life that never fail to bring me joy, laughter and happiness. thanks baby!! =)) of cos there sure to be ups and down in a relationship so im hoping for the better in 2010.

to that someone, i know that 2 and a half year is a long time and it doesnt come by so easily but still of cos i really do appreciate the time we use to have and the hardship we have been through. things that happen, i believes happen for a reason so im not going to bring the past up. but still i hope your doing fine and continue pursuing your dream.

there are people who change for the better as years goes by but there is one person that never. he never seems to change for the better even after living in this world for 40 over years. not that i dont wanna forgive what he have done to the family but i cant bring myself to forgive someone who never change. till toay he still blames other for what have happen and never points the finger at himself. this kinda person i have totally gave up hope. so if you expect me to forgive you you can wait a long long time. until the day you prove something that worthy of my trust.

anyway wish everyone has a great 2010 and thanks all the people who made my 2009 a wonderful year for me. =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~