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Advertorial For Fashion Nails

Thursday, January 07, 2010 @ 10:30 AM | 0 comments


Medi & Pedi are girls and women best friends and it has infact became a part of our life now. Even if we do not do those fancy or dramatic kind of nails, a simple want will still be of a necessary to us.

For me, i have always wanted to do those cute fancy nails but going to all the shop and asking of pricing gives me a BIG headache as they always cost so much. The price either ranges from 100 plus to 200 plus or even with a discount it will cost you 60 plus to 90 plus. But still its expensive.

Until recently, i was introduce by my best friend to this fake nails which was really really beautiful and it looks like the real nails you do in the nail shops. The best thing is that, the nails cost price are affordable and cheap prices only ranges from $10 to $20 bucks and the lady boss also teaches you how to take care the nails and what glue to use to take care of your nail. Good customer service. Toe nails are also available. COOL!! I have already book one box for chinese new year. =))

Btw thanks to Natsumi-Style, they actually spo
nsor me a box of nails and it is one of my favourite nail collection as well. Thanks babe!!

If you my readers are interested in getting the nails, can e-mail me at cheryllim_@hotmail.com cos through me you can get a some discount. =))

To check out the full nail collection do visit natsumi-style website at:

Drop by now and pick up your collection for your chinese new year before all of it gets SOLD OUT!!

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