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Thursday, February 11, 2010 @ 3:44 PM | 0 comments


Usually when i enter a shopping mall upon arrival, i always have the habit to grab a snack to munch and a drink to go along while i am shopping regardless whether i am with a friend or whether i am alone.

So since i am suppose to plan my day at The Cathay shopping mall, the first thing i will do when i enter the mall is to look for something to munch and the level B1 is a place for me to grab all my snacks. the moment you enter B1 there is many many snack stalls like new york pizza, wonton story etc and the place i will want to grab a bite is none other than the famous YA KUN store that sells my FAVOURITE kaya toast and ice milo. *Yum Yum*

If your wondering where is the shop, YA KUN is located at level B1 unit no #B1-23.

After getting the snack that i wanted, i will begin my shopping journey and the usual place i will shop at The Cathay are boutiques located at level 1 because they have the fashion sense and design i am looking for most of the time. I will enter shops like, dressmaker inc boutique that sells pretty dresses and casual street wear, Dresscode boutique that sells clothing brands that come from Hong Kong and USA. Of cause not forgetting my BEST shopping boutique is LEFTFOOT.

i simply love the designs of shoes that leftfoot carries and moreover in affordable prices. they have design of shoes that ranges from loafers to sports shoes to high cut shoes to mid cut shoes and many others. so dont forget to visit leftfoot when your at The Cathay shopping for shoes. =))

If your looking for this few outlets that i have mention:
Dressmaker Inc is located at Level 1 unit no: #01-09

Dresscode is located at Level 1 unit no: #01-07

Leftfoot Entrepot is located at Level 1 unit no: #01-19/20

A day of shopping, people like you and me will feel tired from head to toe i believe and that is why i thought of going for a spa session. So coincidental, Spa Element at The Cathay is having a promotion for spa session at only 30 BUCKSSSS!! CHEAP!! how can i let go of this wonderful opportunity. so i decided to head down to Spa Element and get myself an Anti-Stress Body Massage that last for 60 minutes. The massage original price is worth $98 and now it is only $30. Look how much i save!! *WOOHOO!!*

Spa Element is located at Level 3 unit no: #03-19

Done with a full body massage at i notice that the sky is turning dark and i too, feel that my tummy is getting hungry which means it is time for dinner. Let me introduce to you my FAVOURITE dining place at The Cathay and that is ASTONS. They have the difference sauce you can choose from to cook with the chicken and not forgetting the two additional side dishes that i can pick from. Price is super duper affordable!! i just love dining at ASTONS!! =))

Astons Specialities is located at Level 4 unit no: #04-03

After dinner my friend and i thought that the night is still young for us so it was time for us to try something that we have never try before and that is LAN GAMING also know as pc games. Moreover, E2Max at The Cathay is having a promotion of lan gaming which is 50% off inclusive of 1 soft drink. my friend and i thought the price was good so we decided to go for it.

E2Max is located at Level 4 unit no: #04-18/19/20

One hour of LAN GAMING was indeed fun but it was time for us to go home. never knew that at The Cathay we can do so many activities at the same time even without catching a movie. so people if you do not want to catch a movie, The Cathay is still a place for you to keep you entertain for the whole day. A wonderful place is all i can say!! =))

Anyway, want to be updated on all the promotion just like me then:

“Join The Cathay Facebook page (www.facebook.com/thecathay) to get updated with latest promos, events, contests & giveaways!”

*Pictures Credited To: The Cathay, Leftfoot and Astons.

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