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STOMP on OSIM...............

Thursday, May 27, 2010 @ 4:06 PM | 0 comments

I am a great fan of STOMP and i read about the news almost everyday but something really took me by surprise when i just happen to read it a few minutes AGO!!

The title of the article was :
OSIM salesmen refuse to answer questions unless I confirm order of new chair first.

and perhaps because i work in OSIM this news really caught my attention. Reading on, i found out that this customer wishes to trade in his small usoffa petit for the usoffa as he do not wish to have 2 chairs at home so he approach a staff at JP to ask whether there is a trade in.

As a staff, all i can say is sometimes on certain enquiries that customers have YES we do need to check with our back end or superiors and we do sometimes need a confirm answer from the customer that they confirm will purchase then we can ask or else we will have to answer to whomever we ask our quiries from. It can somehow be very difficult for us too.

But in the case of Stomper Tng, i think that perhaps the staff could be at fault if it is according to the story stated below because usually for trade in we are able to let our customer know whether they can do it or not.

All i can say to Stomper Tng is, now that you know there are such sales person there then perhaps you will want to go to other stores because there are indeed better and more friendly sales person in other outlets. :))

For those who commented in STOMP regarding this article saying that ALL OSIM STAFF are like the staff at jurong point, then you are 100% WRONG and it shows that you do not patronize OSIM very often so dont say that all the STAFF are the SAMEEEE!! URGGHHHHh!!!

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