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Decision Done

Friday, June 11, 2010 @ 10:33 AM | 0 comments

I have make up my mind and that is to give up my current office job so apparently i am going to be broke again.....


my ipod earpiece totally spoil at the very very wrong time. goash!!

i need to update more and more cos i realise that my blog is getting really really dulll.

oooo ya yesterday when i was on the bus number 70M on the way back to hougang me and cassandra actually met with something really shocking and unexpected i would say. basically, there were this bunch of gangster who dash down from the upper deck so quickly and started beating up someone in the bus. it was quite dark so i couldnt really see who they were whacking but according to cassandra she said it could be the bus driver they were beating.

They actually beat the person until he fell out of the bus and lying on the floor yet they still didnt give up. At that moment in my heart i was like if they really beat the bus driver they really too much.

I mean he is just 1 old man you beat him up for what??? just cause he break the bus you almost fell?? WTH!! cant you guys be big enough to think or something. people so old alr cannot just forgive meh!! WAH LIAOOO!! if people beat your parents or treat your parents like that how?? how would you feel.

the thing is they even kick the bus and try chasing after the bus luhh!! never see such people before. all i can say is that they are ridiculous and unreasonable people.

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