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Rach 21st Birthday

Saturday, July 03, 2010 @ 2:08 AM | 0 comments

I know i took real long to blog this and some people are infact waiting for the pictures to be uploaded too.

So sorry, i have been really busy lately with baby's birthday stuff and of cos not forgetting my short getaway trip next week.

Anyway this year so many of my friends are turning 21 including me and it seems like i have lots of party to attend and recently i just attended one last month and she is one of my very close sch mate. In Fact, we know one another since the day we re-take our O's paper and the next moment we know, we saw each other in RP then we got into the same sales management class. what a coincidence.

Now we are still as close as ever. of cos not forgetting the other bunch of them. really miss them so much and i am glad that all the birthdays gave us a chance to meet up with one another again. :)

Finally get to seat on the Singapore Flyers with baby and his family. :)

Alright here are the pictures.

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