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Short Getaway Trip :))

Sunday, July 11, 2010 @ 4:34 PM | 0 comments


For those who do not know, i was away on a short getaway trip from 6th to 8th of July in Indonesia with my best girlfriend.

The 3 days 2 night trip was really an enjoyable experience, most importantly thanks to all the staff there for their wonderful care and concern they have given to us. Especially during the booking period they actually assist me a lot into what i should do and all.

Thank you so much Bintan Agro Resort.Since it is a 3 days 2 night trip and it is going to be a long post with many many picture, i have decided to put it into day 1, day 2 and day 3 so that it will not take such a long time to update. :)

Day 1 (Part 1)
Jasmin and i met up and we took a cab down to tanah merah ferry terminal. The cab uncle was really nice to chat with us like asking us where we were going and all. Then, when we told him Tanjung Pinang, he was like saying all the negative things about there especially the safety wise and all. To be really honest, i was indeed a lil worried after hearing all those but since i have chose to go then there is no choice. LOL!!!

When we arrive at the ferry terminal we had to wait for about an hour before boarding the ferry and to my surprise, there were many people boarding the same ferry as us so i wasnt really as worries as before and if you readers do not know, it is actually my very very first time going overseas with just my friends that's why i am a lil more afraid.

After boarding the ferry, we had to travel for 2 hours before arriving at Tanjung Pinang where we were warmly being welcome by the Bintan Agro Resort person who had arrange someone to pick us up from the ferry terminal to the resort. That took us another 1 hour before arriving at the resort. Btw the road in Tanjung Pinang was totally different from Singapore.

1) They had more motorbikes than cars.

2) Their traffic lights there are totally USELESS!! (When its red they just go)

3) Their small motor can sit a family of 4. (WTH!!!)

4) No motor helmets need to be worn.

5) You can litter there and nobody will call you a LITTER BUG!! LOLLL!!!

When we arrive at the Bintan Agro Resort, we were also warmly welcome by the staff there and they got everything readily prepared for us, making sure that there are no errors and everything will go smoothly. The resort had lots of very Indonesians style kind of design and outlook which are really beautiful. The staff even walk us specially to our suite and introduce us to the resort itself. Nevertheless, they never fail to put on a smile on their face and that really makes the visitors there happy. GOOD SERVICE!! :)

Shall tell you more about the rooms in the next post. stay tune. :)

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~