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Thursday, September 23, 2010 @ 12:15 AM | 0 comments

Apparently i haven been blogging and infact i was planning to blog in only after my birthday celebration but there is something more important i think i will have to blog about. So that's why i am here at this hour blogging.

Yes from my title you can see that i am blogging in about APPLE and what else other than their BAD SERVICE. I am really super duper disappointed with their services let me tell you why:

1) Their customer service waiting time is HELL!! it can be as long as waiting on the phone for 2 WHOLE HOURS and when you get to them they dont seem to be happy picking up the call.

2) i have waited a total of 3 FUCKING WEEKS just for them to confirm my MACBOOK ORDER ONLINE!! (i swear my buying power has totally wear out from excited to no longer excited!!)

3) the girl on the payment team was super rude to me on the phone when i finally got to her. HELLO i am like a damn pissed of CUSTOMER already and there you are talking to me in a rude tone how the HELL would i not be more pissed with APPLE!! GOASH!!

4) they ask me to send them an e-mail cos they are unable to open the file that i send them in the previous e-mail and till now still no reply from them.

Can you imagine how freaking pissed and annoying i feel. Who waits for the mac for like whole freaking 3 WEEKS and still counting on cos till now, i have yet to received any calls or e-mail from them.

I think apple seriously has to do something about their online services. I mean it can be really upsetting looking so forward to buy their things and have not even get their product i get this kind of service how do you even thing i will feel when i received their stock.

should i trust apple still??

They got to really do something about this. :(

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~