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Tuesday, September 27, 2011 @ 10:29 PM | 0 comments

Before i start of doing my work report i just have to blog about this because it is HELLO KITTY! and i find that its super duper cute so i cant miss this out to share it with my HELLO KITTY LOVERS out there! :)

I believe you all have heard of the brand SWAROVSKI right? Yes they sell very beautiful and expensive crystals but of cause its good quality. Anyway back to the main thing. i was looking through a magazine e other day when i came across this hello kitty necklace sold by them. it was FREAKING CUTE that i couldn't resist wanting to get ONE of it. So i decided to visit their web and guess what i saw??

More n more HELLO KITTY cause it is their limited edition collection this time round. What a nice time to launch cos its my BIRTHDAY month too!! lol!! should get myself this birthday gift huh?? or anyone wanna get for me?? lol!!

Ok i shall share with you all a few cute picture of the collection item: