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USA TRIP!! :))

Sunday, October 30, 2011 @ 12:49 AM | 0 comments

This was taken in Los Angeles. As you can see their road are fill with wires and it is something you will never see in Singapore. LA has the best sightsee. It wasn't as cold in LA and the place was great! Visiting States was really a great experience though it was for a business trip! i love USA!! <3

Back to NYC before we headed to LA on a morning flight! It was really a tiring and rush trip for us cause it is a business trip after all! :X This is at rockefeller centre where they have this ice skate ring for people to skate. nice!! :)

Store visit to Mohegan Sun! I thot it was a shopping centre but when i was there, only did i realize it is actually a CASINO with shopping mall just like our Marina Bay Sands! LOL! The design of the casino was nice and unique! :) <3 this place and it is real cold near Boston though!

On our way to New Hampshire, the traffic was really busy but the sightseeing from the car was really nice! Nice sea, nice buildings etc!!

This is CHINATOWN of New York! Really interesting environment!! :)

Pictures below are the streets of New York City!! It was DAMN SUPER BEAUTIFUL!! I was really amaze when i got there to see the real Time Square. But cause i was on a business trip and really rushy i just took what i can of the place. :)
<3 NYC!!

From The Hotel View That I Stay At In New York!! :)