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My London Trip! :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 @ 8:58 PM | 0 comments


This WASABI food is actually a jap style food and it is really really nice! nicer than Singapore i have to admit! :) a good food before i left for SINGAPORE!! :)

Egyptian Stairs inside harrods! Beautiful isnt it? :)

Ripley's Believe It Or Not! So sad i didnt had time to visit there. :(

This is when i am at HARRODS one of the fammous shopping mall in LONDON similar to our Takashimaya in Singapore. It was really cold so i had to buy a beanie to wear and protect my ears! LOL!

This is the OSIM shop in Croydon.

This is one of the famous place where young kids always come cause it has a really big ice skating park here. :)

This are the houses in Croydon. Dont be decieve thinking that it is one whole apartment. It is not. It is a few units in an apartment so you can see how small a room is. Btw the top picture is the mall where we visit the OSIM shop in Croydon.

This is VICTORIA station and is a place where we have to take a train out to Croydon or parts that are out of London.

The place i stay at is called Earl's Court. It's actually a tourist place so there are lots of hotel around that area and is also where the famous exhibition hall is located