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Christmas and Boxing Day 2011!! :))

Tuesday, December 27, 2011 @ 5:10 PM | 0 comments

Boxing Day at Godma's House! I love e brownies she makes is just so delicious! We had a great time there and everybody was enjoying themselves! Yes my hair grew longer and now i have LONG hair!! LOL!!

Presenting Corene and Loon! I love her shirt! Guess why?? :x

Acting Cute! Hehehe! :)

The great big SMILE to show my braces cos i am just so proud of it! haha!

This guy name is call KEMUND and he always like to act COOL but not COOL!! hahaha!!

BOTAK boy Andy!! :))

My Christmas wasnt the party kinda christmas or the crowded countdown christmas but instead it was a simple yet ENJOYABLE christmas cause i am glad that i have wonderful people around me! Though i wasnt able to celebrate christmas with my childhood besties whom i miss but still this bunch of best friends you see above are really funny! I just love it when i meet them cos they never feel to make me laugh until my tummy aches!! Hahaha!!

Anyway Belated Merry Xmas Readers! :)

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