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Last Day of 2011!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011 @ 12:46 PM | 0 comments

Another year have gone by and so much have happen as well this year dont you people agree??

Seems like this year happen to be the year with most major natural disaster every part of the country too!

As for myself my 2011 I have gone through lots of things like leaving OSIM and joining back OSIM again, getting to travel to the 2 countries that people have all desire to go (USA and LONDON), knowing new people in my life who made them a great friend of 2011 and of cos not forgetting the continuous friendship that me and my childhood friends have! :)

Now that 2012 is coming and many people have been saying it is the year that the world will come to an end and it makes it sounds really scary and I dont know whether to believe or not, I am gonna make my 2012 an enjoyable want since I dont know whether I will die! LOL!! but at least before I die I did enjoy the utmost of everything that I wish to do at least! LOL!! (Do you believe in world end??)

Alright now for my 2012 resolution:

1) To climb higher and for the better in what I am doing right now??
2) Meet new people and make new friends. :)
3) Catch up with you my friends that I promise to meet up but didnt manage too!
4) Hit my target! HUAT AH!! LOL!! :)
5) Save more money for raining days!
6) Perhaps start my own mini business!
7) Travel to more countries and see more places out there! <3
8) A new blog skin for my blog! :)
9) Make my 2012 the best and utmost enjoyable ever!! YAY!! :)

Hope you readers have a wonderful 2012!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Loves, Cheryl ;)