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S3 Apps for editing! :)

Tuesday, July 03, 2012 @ 1:43 PM | 1 comments

As you all know, I have recently bought my new S3 and have been looking for new andriod apps to download and to try them out. Not to mention, the first thing that the ladies will all try will indeed be the camera apps isnt it? Going out and taking pictures with Best friends, friends, work mates, boyfriend, husbands, etc. So how can we miss out on the best Photo taking and picture editing apps?

So I downloaded a few apps and I have to share the best app with you readers. I find good for taking pictures is the Camera360 apps as you are able to change the different effects. Once you choose the effect you like, you can take pictures with that effect. :) 

 After the picture is taken, I <3 to edit my pictures with stickers and words!  I have to say i love this app called PicSay cause it fulfill all my needs for the picture editing like I can write words in my pictures and i can even add stickers to decorate my pictures! It is indeed one of the best editing app I have ever used. If you love to collage your picture, you can go for Photo&Pic Collage.

These are some of the pictures that I collage using the apps called Photo&Pic Collage.

All the apps mention above are one of the best photo taking and editing apps I have tried so far. Will introduce you readers to more apps if I find some interesting once. :)

Now I shall share with you the picture I took with the apps I mention above! Camera 360 and PicSay! :)

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