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Friday, July 20, 2012 @ 11:46 AM | 0 comments

This is our overseas together after a long time dating each other and im really excited about this trip. Finally the day is here and we are going to Bangkok (City of Life). I always here alot about Bangkok from my friends around me, saying how you can shop till you drop. Also saying how cheap everything is in Bangkok. Now im gonna experience everything they say.

The boy and I have took Air Asia to Bangkok as we thought since it is only a 2 and a half hour trip, we do not have to go for such a good and expensive flight. While waiting for the flight we started taking pictures at Changi Airport and I got my first picture with Harrods Teddy Bear and the boy!! :))

Then when we board the plane, we took our first virgin picture on it! LOL!

Since we took a night flight to Bangkok, therefore we arrive quite late in Bangkok so we took a Airport Rail Link (something like our MRT) to the train station near the hotel. Also how could we miss out the most important thing for this trip, we got ourselves a map call Groovy Map. It is really a useful map. :))

Reaching the hotel, we quickly catch some sleep as we got to get up early the following day to start our real journey in Bangkok! Btw the hotel we stay in is called Baiyoke Boutique Hotel. I would say it is good for a budget hotel. It looks neat and clean. Alot of people stay here as well. So I will recommend it!

Here goes our Full Day 1 of this Bangkok Trip.
Places we visited on Day 1:
1) Siam Paragon
2) Siam Discovery
3) Siam Center
4) MBK Mall

We had breakfast at Indra Food Square, just opposite Baiyoke Sky Hotel. I had the best pork noodle soup there! Yum Yum!

As out hotel provide a shuttle bus that cater the tourist to siam discovery, we decided to take that free bus to the destnation it bring us. When we arrive at Siam Discovery, we walk around the mall before going to MBK which was opposite. We didnt bought anything in Siam Discovery as everything there was expensive just like our Wisma Atrium in Singapore.

Siam Discovery Mall!

MBK Mall:

We bought 4 handphone casing from one of this store at the 4th floor if im not wrong. We bargain like crazy till we squeez the staff dry! Poor girl! LOL! Nevertheless she was really very very nice to serve us and give us as much discount as she can. The boy and I bought the same casing and we had a affordable mini steamboat in MBK. :))

If you want to get cheap handphone casing and screen protectors, this is the place for you cost it is really afforadable and most important you can BARGAIN!

Not Forgetting the camwhoring session outside MBK! hehehe!

Siam Paragon:

It is like the ION in Singapore where all the branded brands are located. Like LV, Burberry, Prada etc. Honestly the branded brand here are more expensive here. So there is no reason in buying branded here. But it is a good place to walk and to play bowling! LOL! The last level was full of entertainment. I love it!

It was indeed a long and tiring day for us! The boy never walk that much before trust me and I am so so proud of him! :))

Day 2 BKK trip will be up soon!! :)

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~