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Business Trip to South Africa (Joburg)

Saturday, September 22, 2012 @ 6:28 PM | 0 comments

People always say how dangerous South Africa is and how you shouldn't go there for holidays or even business trip but honestly, I think if you know where to go and not walk alone on the streets it is ok.

I realize Joburg is a really nice place in terms of the views and food. Meat is their specialities and I have to say it really GOOD! I spend most of the time in the mall and the hotel since I was there for a business trip but nevertheless I would still say it is a great place to go for a holiday trip.

Things you should not do when your in Joburg:

1) Never walk on the streets alone especially if your a girl.
2) Never to go out at night alone.
3) Never go there on a holiday trip without planning.

Overall though it was a tiring and business trip for me I still do enjoy being there.

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